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wedge anchors, Trakfast and diamond tools.

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Preparing a customer delivery of 43 blades
ranging in size from 22 to 30 inches in diameter

blade.JPG Diama-CutŪ High Speed Blade

High Diamond Depth of .374"
General Purpose Cutting in Hard Materials
Fast, Smooth Cutting
14"x.125 with 1" and 20mm Arbors
TS420.jpg High Speed Saw / 10 Blade Package

10 Diama-CutŪ High Speed Blades
1 Stihl TS420 Gas Saw
*Powerful & Fuel Efficient
*Low Emission Engine
*Lightweight & Well Balanced
*Compact Top Handle Design
*Semi-Automatic Belt Tensioner
*Anti-Vibration System
*Reversible Cutting Arm

Preparing a customer delivery of thirty, thirty-inch blades